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Our ultimate focus here at Call4Bail Bail Bonds is to do everything we can to ensure the defendant is brought back home and reunited with loved ones as fast as possible. Without it becoming a burden to the family.

The staff at Call4Bail Bail Bonds will do everything possible to ensure that you are treated with respect and care through out the entire Bail Bonds Process.

As U.S. Citizens all defendants have:

  • The right to know the charges they are being accused of
  • The right to non-excessive bail
  • The right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty
  • Under a Call4Bail Bail Bond all defendants have:

  • The right to Fast Service
  • The right to Unsurpassed Professionalism
  • The right to Confidentiality
  • The right to be Treated with Respect and Honesty
  • At Call4Bail Bail Bonds we take pride in our work and will work hard to provide you and your family with nothing but exceptional services. Our staff will:

    1. Explain each step in the process clearly and be up front with you on all issues
    2. Provide free bail information
    3. Move quickly to arrange bail and write the bond
    4. Offer flexibility and work with you on financial arrangements such as collateral and credit terms - We understand that every case and financial situation is unique, which is why we make an effort to find a payment plan that works for you. Rule of thumb for bail bonds: standard, non-refundable premiums begin at 10%, or 8% if qualified, plus any applicable costs.

    Don't waste time! Call us now at 714.852.2152, Call4Bail Bail Bonds will help u navigate the complicated criminal justice process successfully. Our professional and knowledgeable staff we will be happy to assist you with any questions, anytime, anywhere and with any bail bond.