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The Santa Ana Bail Bond Process

Find yourself or a loved one arrested in the City of Santa Ana?

What to do? Who to call?

Don't worry! Here, at Call4Bail Bail Bonds we understand what you are going through. Call us now at 714.852.2152 and our friendly staff will gladly walk you through the process.

Booking and Release Process

Being arrested by the Santa Ana Police Department is a scary, confusing, and stressful situation. The booking and release process over at the Santa Ana Police Department is fairly fast and smooth. Once taken to the Police Department a defendant will be asked a series of questions to help determine identity. They will undergo the live scan process and finally talk to a local magistrate to establish a bail amount. Keep in mind that the bail amount varies. Important factors such as a criminal background, repeated offenses, flight risk, and public safety are taken into consideration when setting the bail amount.

Live Scan (Fingerprints)

Before a defendant will be released on bail he/she will need to undergo a live scan also known as fingerprints. The defendant will get his/her fingerprints taken and they will be sent off to the FBI and Department of State. This process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours. The live scan is a process used as a security measure to help aid with criminal background checks and the identity of the defendant. In the mean time you can call us at 714.852.2152 and we can get the bail bonds process started. This way our staff at Call4Bail Bail Bonds starts working with the Santa Ana Police Department to secure bail for your loved one.

Keep in mind that the Santa Ana Police Department does transfer all defendants to the Orange County Jail located at:

550 N. Flower St. Santa Ana, CA 92703

Yes, the Orange County Jail is right across the street from the Santa Ana City Jail but unfortunately once a defendant is transferred the booking process is started all over. This time taking anywhere between 6 to 8 hours to finish. its best to act fast and get the defendant released from the Santa Ana City Jail for their release process would be significantly faster then that of the Orange County Jail.

How Much Does Bail Cost?

The Bail Bonds Industry is regulated by the Department of Insurance. The standard cost - or premium - for a California bail bond is 10% of the bail amount. Some cases may even qualify for an 8% premium. We will gladly work with you to offer comfortable payment plans with no collateral and, sometimes, even 0% to 5% down payment, when qualified. Please note that if charges are not filed, the person is falsely accused, or the case is dismissed, the premium cannot be refunded. The only time premium is reimbursed is if the bail bonds agency is unable to get the inmate out of custody.

Being released on bail does not mean a defendant is relieved of his/her obligations ordered by the court. Bail acts as an insurance policy for the state that guarantees the defendant will appear in court to face the charges he/she are being accused of. During and throughout the process of the case, the defendant would be able to perform normal daily activities, such as attend work or school, without worry as long as the defendant makes their timely court appearances and avoids legal problems.

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